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Restoration of a cultural heritage site. Phanagorian Barracks MVTU

“As Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin noted, looking at the revived masterpieces, you are once again convinced that there are no unsolvable tasks for our restorers. After an impressive amount of painstaking restoration work, the Phanagoria Barracks, a cultural heritage monument from the 18th century, has effectively been given a new lease of life. Thanks to the work of restorers, it was possible to preserve and recreate the most complex details of the interiors, facades and surrounding territory of the “Palace of Technologies,” said Rafik Zagrutdinov, head of the Moscow Department of Construction.

Yes, yes, we took part in the internal restoration of a cultural heritage site with an area of more than 5000 square meters. We are glad to be part of the past and the future. Further more!