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NEW project Ramenki

In August we completed our next Ramenki project. In it, as in all others, a soul and a lot of work has been invested. By the way, we can have more than 20 projects at the same time, of different sizes and scales.

Not all of our projects can be photographed. There are closed objects from which we would very much like to share the process, and only as a result … But the client’s desire is law, and the contract prohibits =) therefore, we do not publish photos of all projects.

Ramenki is a stylish and laconic interior. In this interior, light finishing materials were taken as the basis for the design. However, natural veneer was chosen as accents, which stands out against the background of plain walls.

Natural shades of wood enliven the interior and add interesting extraordinary details to it. The veneer has a heterogeneous texture and a pronounced pattern.

In addition to cabinet furniture, a kitchen, we made upholstered furniture and a dining area.